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The Hub exists to develop young adults into urban leaders through incarnational training. We understand that the continued growth of urban areas and the urbanization of rural and suburban areas require an empirical and experiential method of training up individuals who can help bring health and wholeness to the urban areas typically resourced for a myriad of reasons. We recognize that Biblical community is a process that we open ourselves to sharing our lives and having common commitments. We are committing ourselves to transparent relationships, pursuing consistent practice of honest and loving communication and confrontation. Knowing that major differences exist based on ethnicity, culture and gender, we pledge ourselves to a climate which facilitates reconciliation. In light of our calling, we believe that we are to be stretched beyond our comfort zone and be bold for the sake of the Kingdom. As leaders we seek to embody integrity, discipline, and the courage to do what’s right in the midst of conflict, spiritual warfare and unjust systems. We intentionally open ourselves up to the influence of more mature leaders, wanting to be faithful, available, and teachable.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hub at Calvin Crest Conferenes

On September 9-11, 2011 we had the opportunity to spend a weekend of worship and training at Calvin Crest Conferences in Oakhurst, CA. Thanks to our God for providing the atmosphere and our supporters we were able to spend a wonderful weekend sharing our hearts, casting our vision and declaring our mission as the Hub for the class of 2012.
Loadin up the pick-up!

Friday evening was a time of getting to know each other better during a session of understanding the core values of the Hub, which are leadership development, Biblical community and urban ministry. Upon arrival we noticed a herding group of free range cows to keep us company throughout the weekend. For dinner we filled up on carne asada tacos and good stories of each others lives. (Don’t worry, no cow was touched in the preparation of this meal, I bought the meat from the grocery store) After our training session we spent the rest of the evening sharing more stories, jokes and ended the night with a time of worship. Not a bad way to end the night and start the weekend.

Good ole Highway 41 North

Saturday was a very full day of more relational training by focusing the day on emptying ourselves to each other by sharing the hurts and struggles of our lives.  After breakfast we went on nice hike down the Gethsemane Trail and enjoyed a time near running water. Some of us even our feet wet from the refreshing cool water from the mountain. In the afternoon we had an art project with our Hub journals made with mod podge glue, magazine clippings to put on a notebook. It was a lot of fun seeing how creative we were able to get with a couple materials. There was a little bit of a mess but in the end we all had our master pieces made. This was a day filled with the laughter, tears and discovery to what our community has the opportunity to become.

By Sunday, it was time to say goodbye to mountains, trees and cows but hello to the opportunity God set before us. This weekend was such a blessing to us all and we are so grateful for all our supporters and friends that I allowed this weekend to happen. We are all excited for what God has for the Hub this year. Please continue to lift us up in your prayers as we venture into God's heart for Highway City.

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