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The Hub exists to develop young adults into urban leaders through incarnational training. We understand that the continued growth of urban areas and the urbanization of rural and suburban areas require an empirical and experiential method of training up individuals who can help bring health and wholeness to the urban areas typically resourced for a myriad of reasons. We recognize that Biblical community is a process that we open ourselves to sharing our lives and having common commitments. We are committing ourselves to transparent relationships, pursuing consistent practice of honest and loving communication and confrontation. Knowing that major differences exist based on ethnicity, culture and gender, we pledge ourselves to a climate which facilitates reconciliation. In light of our calling, we believe that we are to be stretched beyond our comfort zone and be bold for the sake of the Kingdom. As leaders we seek to embody integrity, discipline, and the courage to do what’s right in the midst of conflict, spiritual warfare and unjust systems. We intentionally open ourselves up to the influence of more mature leaders, wanting to be faithful, available, and teachable.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Exciting New Adventures

Greetings from Highway City and blessings from the Hub.

The 2011-2012 year of the Hub has finally arrived with new exciting adventures ready to begin! It’s almost hard to believe that just a year ago God opened the door of opportunity for us to immerse ourselves at the Courtyard at Central Park Apartments. We had such a successful first year of the Hub, graduated our first 6 interns through our 10-month program, hosted our second year of Fresno Urban Internship students, and launched our monthly neighborhood action committee. There is so much to be thankful because of all your support.

The launch of the Hub in the summer of 2010 was a true test of our faith by persevering through administrative and financial obstacles that God walked with us through. With a fresh group of interns comes a year of new challenges and opportunities of experiencing God’s amazing love. This year’s group consists of 3 young women and 1 young man who are all excited to see what God has in store for them during their next 10 months at the Hub.

Bittersweet Community Learning
Within a couple days of their move-in day, families and students immediately took notice of their new neighbors and embraced them into our community. In all the excitement of being in community also includes the bittersweetness of immersing yourself in our neighborhood. One of our interns was going to bed one evening when she was suddenly awakened by neighbors fighting right outside of her window. What started out as an out argument then turned into an all fist fight. The confrontation was left unresolved but with the two parties walking off in different directions. The Fresno Police Department paid our apartment complex a visit alongside with 5 other units during an act of disturbance in the community that left some of our residents baffled.  Some of our neighbors bring assets to better the community but most carry the burdens of their past that effect everyone. It’s messy but it is the mission field we’re called to.

Our God Is Our Hope
There are a lot of things to lift up in prayer for this year but at the same time there several things to give God our praise for. With my ongoing ministry at Central Community Church in the middle school ministry I am now consistently taking a car full students we serve at our apartments to church every week. A group of ready to learn and fully equipped interns are ready to apply themselves in our neighborhood for the next 10 months. We are so grateful that you have allowed us to be here in our community through your financial support. 

When I think about our interns and our 10 month program I think about how God sent Jesus to teach us how to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and all our strength and to love our neighbors as our selves. Can you imagine how God could drastically transform our community through our interns in the next 10 months? They will be colliding into constant contact with the struggles and burdens of our neighbors, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through their lives, learning how to communicate love with their neighbors, and seeking the peace and prosperity of the city.

Pray with us as we venture through this next season with humble hearts as we dive deeper into relationships with our neighbors and to glorify our God with our lives.

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