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The Hub exists to develop young adults into urban leaders through incarnational training. We understand that the continued growth of urban areas and the urbanization of rural and suburban areas require an empirical and experiential method of training up individuals who can help bring health and wholeness to the urban areas typically resourced for a myriad of reasons. We recognize that Biblical community is a process that we open ourselves to sharing our lives and having common commitments. We are committing ourselves to transparent relationships, pursuing consistent practice of honest and loving communication and confrontation. Knowing that major differences exist based on ethnicity, culture and gender, we pledge ourselves to a climate which facilitates reconciliation. In light of our calling, we believe that we are to be stretched beyond our comfort zone and be bold for the sake of the Kingdom. As leaders we seek to embody integrity, discipline, and the courage to do what’s right in the midst of conflict, spiritual warfare and unjust systems. We intentionally open ourselves up to the influence of more mature leaders, wanting to be faithful, available, and teachable.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Newsletter 2011

When we launched our after-school program for the 2011 fall semester we had the strongest desire to holistically engage our students at the Courtyard Apartments, who we now call “Courtyard Champions”. Sure, we want to help them with math, catch them up on reading levels but more importantly we want to create a culture where Christ is at the center.

Before each program session we sit our students down with a snack and Bible story. No matter what story we tell, whether it’s about the “Ten Commandments” or “Peter Walking on Water”, our goal is to show our kids the realness of who Jesus can be in our lives. We want to share the gospel but we also want to create a culture where our kids can implement it. That is why we introduced our “Hug or Handshake Rule”. The rule is that each student has to express a form of gratitude to our tutors who helped them with their homework. What we teach may not retain all the time but if we can at least show them how to love like Christ, then maybe they can catch a glimpse of the Kingdom.

We’ve been hugging and handshaking every week since we started but I think this next story can speak for itself.
When talking about the evidence of the Holy Spirit at work I recall a story about one of our rougher elementary aged boys. He’s that one kid who’ll slap your hand harder than needed when giving a “high five”.
It happened at our first family movie night in the chaos of directing traffic, setting up a bed sheet, and movie projector. That rough “high fiver” I mentioned earlier walked toward me with the biggest smile, looked up and gave me the most heart-melting handshake. We really never know what God is up to when he is transforming a culture.

“...maybe he’s also in the form of a let you know he’s right in front of you.”

Have you ever looked to the sky and asked, “God, are you really out there!?” Why is it that every time something doesn’t go our way, we immediately point the finger at God and tell him, He’s messing up. Does God see how I see things or listen to what I hear everyday?

Maybe God is in the heavens looking down on us or maybe he’s in China comforting believers because of the oppression they face from their own country. But maybe he’s also in the form of a kindergartener that just wants to shake your hand to let you know he’s right in front of you.

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